Corporate finance

DEBT ADVISORY                                                                 

One of the most important cornerstones of business growth is the availability of financing.  

FinLab provides support to companies and other borrowers in all matters related to attracting loans and capital.

The experience of the FinLab team in the banking and consulting sector will help your company to attract the necessary financing by selecting the most appropriate types of financing and providing competent communication with the potential investor.

We work on attracting the following sources of financing:

  • Credit institution financial instruments
  • Risk capital financial instruments
  • EU structural fund financial instruments
  • State supported financial instruments
  • Attraction of private investors
  • Attraction of mezzanine loans

M&A ADVISORY                                                                  

At such time that a company’s owners or management make the decision to buy, sell or merge companies, it is vital to engage professionals whose competence adds maximum value to these transactions.  

The experience and knowledge of the FinLab team in company sales, mergers and acquisitions allow it to offer clients full management of these transactions, making these processes easier for the company’s management and owners.

FinLab’s service includes:

  • Devising transaction strategies
  • Business valuation
  • Preparing financial due diligence research reports
  • Preparing marketing materials
  • Selecting potential buyers or investment objects
  • Conducting the negotiation process
  • Preparation of legal documents
  • Concluding transactions

FINANCIAL DUE DILIGENCE (SELL SIDE)                          

In the event of the sale of a business or part of it, it is vital to prepare an all-encompassing package of information for the potential buyer about the company’s operations and financial status, in which questions of interest to potential buyers are answered.  

An independently prepared Due diligence of the company ensures peace of mind during negotiations with a potential buyer, because you can answer the buyer’s questions reasoned manner, and receive the maximum price for the company, because you can justify the desired sale price with documentary evidence.

In the case of Due diligence research memorandum prepared by the FinLab team, the buyer lose the opportunity to reduce the price on the grounds that individual aspects of the company’s operations are ambiguous.

The financial Due diligence research memorandum includes the following important sections:

  • An overview of the business
  • A description and analysis of the company’s current operations, assets, liabilities and profitability
  • Financial forecasts and a description and analysis of the company’s future growth prospects
  • And other important aspects


Occasionally, company owners or management need to ascertain the value of a company or part of a company’s assets or liabilities.  

FinLab specialises in the valuation of businesses and their assets and liabilities, offering a competent independent opinion regarding their value.

Finally, this service is necessary to determine reasoned valuation of a company, by taking the following actions:

  • Ascertaining a certain sale price to a potential buyer
  • When one owner buys out the shares of other owners
  • In the event of attracting risk capital or investors to agree on the potential division of shares
  • To understand whether the planned purchase price of another company is justified
  • To ascertain the value of a subsidiary company to ensure that it is reflected correctly on the company’s balance sheet
  • To invest in the equity capital of a company or in its holding in the equity capital of another company, this increasing this company’s equity capital
  • To capitalize the company’s liabilities, thus improving the company’s solvency and equity capital base

FINANCIAL DUE DILIGENCE (BUY SIDE)                          

At such time as the decision has been made to buy a specific company, it is vital to make sure that you are going to buy that which you want to acquire.  

In order to verify this, you need to conduct Due diligence of the company concerned, as a result of which all assumptions, plans and hopes set out in the context of the transaction are examined.

Due diligence prepared by the FinLab team will allow you to verify that you are acquiring exactly that which you have planned and to avoid unpleasant surprises after the completion of the purchase transaction.

The client can choose whether to undertake a full or limited scope (questions defined by the client) Due diligence, verifying ambiguous questions only.

FinLab offers to prepare the following financial Due diligence reports:

  • Full or limited scope financial Due diligence
  • Full or limited scope tax Due diligence
  • Full or limited scope legal Due diligence