Attracting EU funds


For more than six years, the FinLab team has worked on securing European Union funds, which has enabled many companies in various industries to secure financing for their growth and development.

FinLab offers project management support ranging from business ideas through to the complete implementation of the project. Projects developed by FinLab’s specialists are always based on thorough analysis of the candidate and industry, a detailed exposition of the project and reasoned calculations.

The volume of structural funds attracted by the FinLab team exceeds 25 MEUR.

 Our service includes:

  • Project strategy development
  • Project and application preparation
  • Additional coordination of documents to be submitted
  • Public procurement organisation
  • Preparation of regular project reports
  • Project supervision and consultations
  • Concluding report development
  • Communication with the administrative institution


The Ministry of Agriculture (MA) is responsible for supervising EU fund programmes, which are mainly related to the development of agriculture and fisheries companies, as well as the processing of agricultural and food products.

During the 2014-2020 planning period, the total available budget for these activities is 1 714 MEUR (rural development - 1 530 MEUR, fisheries development - 184 MEUR). Programmes of The Ministry of Agriculture are administered by the Rural Support Service (RSS).

Businesses have access to the following programmes:

  • Support for investments in farms (335 MEUR)
  • Support for investments in land reclamation systems (85 MEUR)
  • Support for investments in processing (80 MEUR)
  • Farm and commercial development (99 MEUR)  
  • Support for aquaculture (46 MEUR)
  • Support for fisheries (42 MEUR)
  • Fish and aquaculture product processing and retailing (54 MEUR)
  • Other programmes


The Ministry of Economics (ME) is responsible for supervising EU fund programmes, which are mainly related to the introduction of innovations, and increasing competitiveness within businesses, as well as promoting energy efficiency at industrial sites, as well as in public sector and residential buildings.

During the 2014-2020 planning period, the total available amount of financing is 764 MEUR. Henceforth, programmes of The Ministry of Economics will be administered by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFLA).                             

Businesses have access to the following programmes:

  • Competences centres (102 MEUR)
  • Industrial zone development (22 MEUR)
  • Entering external markets (32 MEUR)
  • Technology accelerators (20 MEUR)
  • SME formation and development (61 MEUR)
  • Business incubators (31 MEUR)
  • Promoting awareness of Latvia as a tourism end destination and measure attraction (20 MEUR)    
  • Energy efficiency at industrial sites (33 MEUR)
  • Use of renewable resources in central heating and heating grid energy efficiency (53 MEUR)
  • Other programmes



The Ministry of Education and Science (MSE) is responsible for support programmes that are directed towards promotion of education, research and development, part of which involves investments being made in projects aimed at fostering collaboration between scientific institutions and merchants for the development of innovative solutions. 

The planned total available financing for the 2014-2020 planning period is 785 MEUR. During the new planning period, IZM programmes will be administered by the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFLA) and State Education Development Agency (SEDA).  

As representatives of the target group, businesses have access to the following programmes:

  • Practical research (77 MEUR)
  • Innovation grants for students (34 MEUR)
  • Strengthening the institutional capacity of science institutions (15 MEUR)
  • R&D infrastructure development (100 MEUR)


The support priorities of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MERPD) are regional development, environmental resource governance, and information and communication technologies.  

The programmes supervised by VARAM provide support for investments in the improvement of the environment and reduction of climate changes. In the new planning period, VARAM programmes are administered by the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFLA).

Businesses have access to the following programmes:

  • Development of infrastructure supporting commerce (297 MEUR)
  • Development of public infrastructure promoting commerce on the Baltic Sea coast (46 MEUR)
  • Development of public infrastructure promoting commerce near the Eastern border (68 MEUR)
  • Development of water mains and sewerage systems (142 MEUR)
  • Development of waste recycling and regeneration infrastructure (88 MEUR)
  • Provision of environmental monitoring and control and shaping social green awareness (25 MEUR)
  • Development of environmental objects protection and sightseeing infrastructure, biotope renewal (19 MEUR)
  • Other programmes   

OTHER EU FUNDS SUPPORT PROGRAMMES                         

Businesses can also receive support from other Community level or European territorial cooperation programmes. Implementing such international cooperation programmes, business can carry out research and development activities, implement experience exchange measures or form other types of cooperation member states and third countries.  

Initially, a programme application will be submitted to the responsible Latvian institution, which will then forward it for review by the European Commission.

Businesses have access to the following support programmes:

  • Research and innovation programme Horizon 2020 (80 000 MEUR)
  • Informative and promotional measures
  • LIFE (throughout EU – 3 456 MEUR)
  • Trans-Border cooperation programmes (93,6 MEUR)
  • Norwegian Financial Mechanism programmes